Plota Is back!

So after our latest game we have all decided to go in a new direction! That new direction is film…
Yes yes i know what you all are thinking! We make games but the co owner of plota has moved to films so for a bit it was just me (Xten) working on the games. so we are both perusing what we love and that is film we will be working on a big project and hopefully it will be out this year. Thank you for staying with plota and i hope you enjoy our films!


So you guys havent herd from us in a while and we havent put out a new game in quiet a bit.

Me (Junkmail) and Xten currently have a dead line for a game. This game is an RPG and it will be going on Desura and we will be on steam greenlight! Now the deadline you ask is May 20th.

ALSO! We have even better news! Xten has been learning a lot more about UDK so you can expect a game out of us using this engine. So Thank You!

Junkmail & Xten

P.S. you can expect a trailer for the new RPG soon…